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Hub 2 is now available for pre-order from your AJAX distributor WILCON SECURITY.


Hub 2 is the new generation of control panels of the Ajax security system with the visual alarm verification support. AJAX has developed the device to help alarm response companies to react only to the actual threats. The first-responders can quickly evaluate the situation with the animated image series from the MotionCam motion detectors and call the police unit only when the danger is real. 

☝️The MotionCam detector release is planned for the Q4 2019. 

Hub 2 manages up to 100 devices of the Ajax security system: motion, opening, glass-breaking, fire and leaks detectors as well as keypads, relays, smart sockets, and panic buttons. Additionally, the new hub supports up to 25 security cameras or NVRs. And with the two sim-card slots, Hub 2 can be used even at the remote locations where the Internet connection is unstable. For instance, in a rural house or at a ski resort. 


Hub 2 materials: 

Regarding Hub: at the end of 2019, it will go into Support Mode. Hub will continue to receive technical updates and work with the current range of Ajax devices. Moreover, it will support the security automation scripts, which will become available after the next major OS Malevich update. Read more