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AJAX Multi-Release: Beyond Security



Today, we are launching the Multi-release marketing campaign. Meet MotionCam—a wireless motion detector with a camera—and OS Malevich 2.8, which unveils scenarios, supports up to 5 ReX range extenders in one Ajax security system, and adds the Control Mode for Button, allowing managing automation devices with it.


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MotionCam is a wireless motion detector with a camera for visual alarm verification.


After detecting motion within the protected area, the MotionCam detector takes a series of photos. Even in the absence of lighting, the security company and the user can see what has happened: a real intrusion or a false alarm.


MotionCam uses two radio protocols simultaneously: Jeweller for instant alarm notifications and Wings for transferring photos in less than 9 seconds. The detector communicates at a distance of up to 1,700 meters from the hub. It has record-breaking autonomy for security detectors with cameras—up to 4 years of operation on pre-installed batteries.


📌 Currently, photos are transferred only to the Manitou Alarm Monitoring Platform and Ajax PRO Desktop app. Integrations to other stations will be added with future updates.


More about MotionCam: 


Hub 2 with OS Malevich 2.8 or later is mandatory for MotionCam to operate. By the end of 2019, the firmware of all hubs will be updated. Please also note that MotionCam does not connect to the ReX range extender.


From now on, you can start selling motion detectors with photo camera MotionCam to installers and customers. If you do not have MotionCams yet—you can order them from your Ajax managers.​


MotionCam will also be available in the new Ajax security system set: StarterKit Cam. It contains the new Hub 2 control panel, the MotionCam motion detector with a built-in photo camera, the DoorProtect opening detector, and the SpaceControl key fob.



With OS Malevich 2.8 and later, all the Ajax hubs support the security automation scenarios and Control Mode for Button. Moreover, any Hub Plus- and Hub 2-controlled systems can support up to 5 ReX range extenders.


📌 The firmwares of all hubs will be automatically updated by the end of 2019. Fill out the form to receive the update earlier.


The presentation with information on all the novelties is available by the link

Scenarios | beta

Set up water shut-off in case of LeaksProtect flood detector alarm, create a heating schedule, or automatically activate the electric locks when arming. Ajax security system provides functionality for configuring the reaction of Relay, WallSwitch, and Socket in response to an alarm, changing the security mode, activation by schedule, or by Button press. It also allows setting up security modes schedule.


OS Malevich 2.8 adds the alternative operation mode for Button: the Control Mode. You can configure reactions of Relay, WallSwitch, and Socket in response to the short or long button press.


 Learn more about scenarios



📌 The scenarios' functionality is in the beta-testing phase. Keep in mind that only users with administrator rights can create a scenario.


Hub Plus and Hub 2 with OS Malevich 2.8 support up to 5 ReX range extenders, which increases the radio coverage area to up to 35 km². You can now recommend Ajax as a solution for securing extra-large facilities: warehouses, office buildings and centers, and manufacturing sites. ReX enhances the autonomy of security and strengthens its reliability by uniting the detectors connected to it into an independent subsystem.


🚨ReX is compatible with hubs only. Range extender-to-range extender connection is not supported. As it was before, Hub supports one ReX range extender only.



 Learn more about Rex



📌 Order additional ReX from your Ajax manager to secure extra-large premises

Confirmed Alarms

The confirmed alarm is a special event sent to the CMS, indicating that two detectors went off sequentially within a preset time interval. With the release of OS Malevich 2.8, all Ajax hubs can transmit such events.   Confirmed alarms do not have region restrictions and do not require a console upgrade. Use the new features to avoid on-site responses to false alarms.


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