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Introducing OS Malevich 2.10 and the DoubleButton hold-up device

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OS Malevich 2.10 brings the world's best practices for countering false alarms to the system: features required by the British security standard PD 6662:2017, delay in the spread of the interconnected fire detectors alarm, and other functions.


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DoubleButton — an Ajax hold-up device. Raises an alarm only if both buttons are pressed simultaneously. And a special protective shield won't let you do it accidentally, so yocan safely carry the button in your pocket. The device transmits alarms at a distance of up to 1300 meters and operates from a pre-installed battery for up to 5 years.

🚨 If you haven't made an order yet or would like to clarify the new device lead time, please contact your us for the details and further support. 

The Holder mount is also available for pre-order. It helps DoubleButton to be always in the right place. With one click, the device can be placed under a table, at a front door, or inside a cash register. Holder is a universal mount and is also suitable for Button.


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